History of the Christmas tree Angel (Version 2)

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It just happened to be one of those dreadful days for Santa...

It started of when he woke up groaning with a dreadful headache. But
with so many things to do before Christmas Eve a few days later, there
was no way that he could permit himself time to rest. They were
already way behind schedule with the production of toys, and would
probably have to skip a few countries this year. Climbing out of bed,
he found his slippers shredded by the dog. Opening the cupboard, he
couldn't find any clean working clothes. When he brushed his teeth,
the toothbrush broke. He went into the kitchen for breakfast, only to
find a note from his wife that she was tired of being treated as his
servant in the months running up to christmas, and that he must
prepare his own breakfast!

By this time he had already become quite agitated. He stood up to make

himself some breakfast, and looked out of the window only to find all
the elve-workers striking for more money and less work. Sighing, he
went out to see what he could do. On his way to the strikers he passed
the camp where all the reindeer are kept, and to his dismay found that
someone had left the gate open and all the reindeer had escaped.
Things were just not going his way...

He was grumbling and muttering to himself as he made his way to the
strikers, when one of the young angels came up to him with a small
pine tree swung across his shoulder.

"Father Christmas, what do you want me to do with this tree?"

And now you now you know how the tradition started of putting an angel
on the top of a Christmas tree.

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