Hanky Codes

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Here is my list of hanky codes. It seems to be much more complete than others I've seen.

Worn on LeftColorWorn on Right

Wants Oral Sex Light Blue Expert at Oral Sex
Sixty-niner Robins Egg Blue Sixty-niner
Cop Medium Blue Cop S*cker
Genital Torturer Teal Blue Genital Torturee
Anal Sex, Top Dark Blue Anal Sex, Bottom
Fister Red Fistee
Dildo User, Top Light Pink Dildo User, Bottom
Breast Torturer Dark Pink Breast Torturee
2-Handed Fister Dark Red 2-Handed Fistee
Likes Menstruating Women Maroon Menstruating Woman
Likes Navel Worshippers Mauve Navel Worshipper
Likes Armpit Worshippers Magenta Armpit Fetish
Piercer Purple Piercee
Likes Drag Lavendar In drag
Golden Shower Top Yellow Golden Shower Bottom
Spitter Pale Yellow Drool Crazy
Has 8" or more Mustard Size Queen
2 Looking for 1 Gold 1 Looking for 2
Anything Goes Orange Not Now, Thanks
Two Tons O'Fun Apricot Chubby Chaser
Foot Fetish Top Coral Shrimper
A Cowboy Rust His Horse
Spanker Fuschia Spankee
Hustler Kelly Green John
Uniform Top Olive Drab Uniform Bottom
Daddy Hunter Green Daddy Hunter
Dines off Tricks Lime Green Dinner Plate
Rimmer Beige Rimmee
Scat Top Brown Scat Bottom
Uncut Possessor Brown Lace Likes Uncut
Cut Possessor Brown Satin Likes Cut
Heavy SM Top Black Heavy SM Bottom
Bondage Top Gray Bondage Bottom
Latex Fetish Top Charcoal Latex Fetish Bottom
Owns a Suit Gray Flannel Likes Men in Suits
Masturbate Me White Will Masturbate Both
Into Scum Bags Cream Eats Scum Bags
Shaver Red/White Stripes Shavee
Likes Black Bottom Black/White Stripe Likes Black Tops
Likes Latino Bottom Brown/White Stripe Likes Latino Tops
Likes Oriental Bottom Yellow/White Strip Likes Oriental Tops
Likes White Bottom White Lace Likes White Top
Wears Boxer Shorts Paisley Likes Boxer Shorts
Beastialist, Top Fur Beastialist, Bottom
Star F*cker Silver Lame Star
Wants Muscleman Bottom Gold Lame Likes Muscleman Top
Has Tattoos Leopard Likes Tattoos
Smokes Cigars Tan Likes Cigars
Cuddler Teddy Bear Cuddlee
Chicken Kewpie Doll Chicken Hawk
Wears a Dirty One Dirty Jock Strap Likes them Dirty
Has Drugs Zip-Lock Bag Wants Drugs
Stinks Kleenex Sniffs (or has a cold)
Gives HOT Motor Oil Massages Handywipe Wears It Well
Rides a Motorcycle Chamois Likes Bikers
Bartender Cocktail Napkin Bar Groupie
Tearoom Top Doily Tearoom Bottom
Outdoor Sex, Top Mosquito Netting Outdoor Sex, Bottom
Lover's Out, My Place OK Toothbrush Your Place Only
Safe sex, Top Black/White Check Safe sex, Bottom
Safe sex Fister Red/White Check Safe sex, Fistee
Rubber/Mud, Top Wine Rubber/Mud, Bottom
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