Cruise Ship Catastrophe

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A cruise ship went down in the Pacific. Three women survived and had swum to the safety of a typical desert island. They been on the island for about a fortnight when, one morning, one of the women found some drift from the wreck that had washed ashore.

Amongst the debris was an antique brass oil lamp. She wiped the grime from the engraved side of the lamp and suddenly, lo and behold, the genie of the lamp appeared. The genie granted the woman a wish, as is the tradition in these situations. The woman wished for 10% more intelligence.

Instantly her wish was granted, her head spinning with enlightenment she slipped into the forest, emerged that evening having constructed a beautiful yacht from the natural resources of the island.


On seeing this success the second woman rubbed the discarded lamp, rubbed it and was similarly granted a wish. This woman asked for 50% more intelligence. Awash with insight she swept into the forest to emerge that evening having built a aeroplane and take off strip, all from the resources of the island.

Staggered by the escape of her companions, the third woman took the lamp. The genie appeared. The woman decided to go the whole hog and asked for the full 100% extra intelligence.

The genie paused, taken aback by the magnitude of his new task. But without further hesitation he summoned all his powers and granted the wish. The woman awoke a few minutes later more than a little surprised to find, upon looking down... a penis.

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