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From: (David Ginsberg)
Subject: sex & food for thought (was: good government)

My neurobiology profesor Walter Freeman has done soem really interesting research on meaning and intentionality, and one of his conclusions is that BRAINS NEED SEX! The release of oxytocin during lovemaking, and especially during orgasm, aids in the breaking down of the 'intentional structure' in the brain (the structure in which meaning is embodied.) Really interesting stuff. Without sex, we tend to become rigid & less able to cope with change, not to mention more fearful. Maybe that's what happened to Gingrich!





>> Here's a wild thought, probably get flamed for it. If hitler was able to
>> spend more time in a loving enviroment and got the opportunity to trance
>> out by dancing to techno, he might not have done the horrible things he
>> Of course if he was exposed to loving enviroments more in his life enough
>> to make a difference, he wouldn't be hitler.
>> :)
>> peter
> probably it is a good thing thath one of the most active centres
>of rave is in Germany today. Let's hope if there are any would be Hitlers
>they dance out their anxiety before they start doing bad things:)
>My version of this is if that Christians truely wanted to end violence
>then they would argue for free love and love making instead of
>abstenence. One reason why European youth commits less crime is that
>they have more sex and they are too relaxed to run around killing people:)
>Think about it: French couples supposedly have sex 5 times a week, Americans
>2.5 times a weeks. There is too much agression there still undrained:)
>peace & free love:)

David Ginsberg
Student of Cognitive Science
and the Human Experience
University of California, Berkeley

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