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Is this the kind of stuff Sen. Exon had in mind???

By R M.

Infant, toddler, little child;
Virgin or before defiled,
By your tender strokes beguiled:

If you can, inflict some pain.
Wip, electric shock, or chain,
Burning irons through the brain:


Living, dead - it matters not.
Cold or warm, you'll fuck that tot.
Ram yours up her whitered twat:

Ask yourself, why not a beast?
Snake or antelope at least.
Dead and young, a true sex feast:

Coldness is no sacrifice.
Frozen? who cares, don't think twice -
Mount the beast in fire or ice:

Must females be preferred
Of beasts recently interred?
Or instead a male procured:

There is pain to share around.
Slit your wrists without a sound.
Self-inflicted pain compound:

Common creatures will not do.
Not the farm, but from the zoo:
Crocodile or Kangaroo:

Why a nameless, humble face?
Lassie's corpse you could embrace,
Mr. Ed's rear quarters grace:

This is not the ultimate,
Though you may have said, That's it!
Try it with the creature's shit:

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