Manly Pain

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Three men were sitting around the campfire, drinking beer and telling stories. After a while, one of the men looked at the others and challenged them to describe the worst pain they had ever experienced.

"Well," said the first, "the worst pain I ever felt was 2 years ago. I was helping a friend to load a refrigerator into his rental truck, when the dolly slipped out from under it, and the refrigerator fell over onto me, crushing both of my legs and most of my ribs."

"That's nothing", claimed the second. "One day, I was riding my motorcycle through town, and I ran a red light. A bus was coming the other way, and I was hit by the bus, thrown into the air, where I skipped off the roof of a car, and ended up flying through a 8 foot plate glass window. I broke both arms, both legs, most of my ribs, and had about 8000 cuts all over my body from the glass."



Both men then looked at the third, who had been sitting very quietly during both stories. "Well, what's the worst pain you ever felt?"

The third man looked at both the others, shuddered, and said "One day, I was out hunting with my buddies, and I had to go to the bathroom. So, I squatted down over a log, and while I was doing that, I sprung a bear trap that snapped closed around my testicles."

Both the other men began to squirm, and they both agreed loudly that that had to be the worst pain in the world.

The third man just slowly shook his head, and said "That's nothing compared to when I came to the end of the chain."

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