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From: Starchild <>

> My neurobiology profesor Walter Freeman has done soem really interesting
> research on meaning and intentionality, and one of his conclusions is that
> BRAINS NEED SEX! The release of oxytocin during lovemaking, and especially
> during orgasm, aids in the breaking down of the 'intentional structure' in
> the brain (the structure in which meaning is embodied.) Really interesting
> stuff. Without sex, we tend to become rigid & less able to cope with
> change, not to mention more fearful. Maybe that's what happened to
> Gingrich!
> peacelovejoy,
> David

If David is correct, this could also explain Bill Clinton. Back in


the days of (Gennifer) flowers before he was elected, Bill probably got plenty of sex. He used to love the idea of change, and talked about it all the time, remember?

Then once he got elected, something changed -- he did. Perhaps he was so busy and stressed out being Prez that he had no time for Hillary or anybody else. That would really be a shame.

If you read between the lines though, Newt Gingrich may be trying to do something about this. Remember him complaining that he couldn't sit up at the front of the plane with Bill on that trip to Israel? Newt's sister is gay, and sometimes where you find one same-sex oriented sibling you will find others. Maybe the real reason Newt quit going to those closed-doors budget negotiating sessions is that Bill wouldn't put out.

OK, maybe that's not the reason, but more sex couldn't hurt.

For free love & free markets,

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