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Oh yes, it is the ever popular Objectivist Pickup Lines, now here immortalized on the web. I hope that these pickup lines are unexpected, and therefore amusing. No "hey baby, wanna share some values?" here! Various unnamed people have contributed to this list.

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"Did you know that nakedness is the highest form of psychological visibility?"

"How bout you and I go get hitched at one of those Las Vegas hotels on the strip?"



"You and I could create a whole other benevolent universe..."

"Wow...when they made you they sure didn't omit any measurements!"

"If you turn me down, you're anti-man!"

"Say, there should have been a chapter in the Romantic Manifesto about your ass!"

"What isn't your sign?"

"You and I would look great in a Cancun hotel right now."

"Let me show you what sex qua sex can be."

"Why don't you get undressed so I can check your premises?"

"Wanna come over to my place and see my Ilona etchings?"

Girl to Guy

"Brother, you're asking for it!"

Guy to Girl

"Wanna let me come over and break your fireplace?"

(Guy is naked) "What do you mean it's not big enough? It's not called the Taggart Transcontinental for nothing!"

"Okay, enough epistemology. How'd you like to grasp something a bit more physical?"

"Yeah baby. It is made of Rearden Metal."

"You're certainly practicing the Virtue Of Sexiness tonight."

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