Liquid Crystal

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Water. I'm trippin' on it at this very moment. Still drippin' from last night. Just this last weekend some- one introduced me to Liquid Crystal. We just tried some slosh, but all the same, we quenched our thirst. In the past I've heard of people drowning but that only happens to hard-core addicts. We've discovered a new way to get a hit, we call it gargling. I've heard of some guys "testing" water. This is how they do it:
  • place a small amount of the water in a container
  • put this into a freezer of some sort over night
  • when you remove it, it will be SOLID. This unusual state is "ice" and is actually a frozen form of water
  • chip off a small piece of the "ice"
  • place this firmly against the skin on your wrist

  • hold this position for ONE MINUTE
  • remove the "ice" and place in a secure location
  • if the wrist feels numb or tingly, it's good stuff
*BEWARE* Some bozos will try to sell you "dry ice", which, if ingested can be fatal, don't fall for this!

ICE- Ice can be processed at home if you have easy access to a "freezer", some of which are equipped with an "ice maker", which greatly reduces the amount of work put into this long process. Ice usually comes in the form of "cubes", but if you have the funds, you can get a block. To get a hit off of ice, all you have to do is place a cube on your tongue until it "melts", which is where you get the high from.
WARNING: to much can give you a headache!
Be creative, try "icees", or "slurpees", a flavored form of crushed up ice, but bad trips are abundant with this hard core substance. DON'T BE FOOLED BY ICE CREAM, THE SAME EFFECT IS THERE BUT IT IS FATTENING.

Every time I get wet, I almost get caught. If I ever do, God knows what will happen to me, but for right now I'm just gonna keep sippin' the slosh 'till the tap runs dry.

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