21 Types of People You Might Meet in the Men's Room!

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  1. EXCITABLE: Shorts half twisted around, cannot find hole, rips shorts.
  2. SOCIABLE: Joins friends in piss whether he has to or not.
  3. CROSSEYED: Looks into next urinal to see how the other guy is fixed.
  4. TIMID: Can't piss if someone's watching, flushes urinal, comes back later.
  5. INDIFFERENT: All urinals being used, pisses in sink.
  6. CLEVER: No hands, fixes tie, looks around and usually pisses on floor.
  7. WORRIED: Not sure of where he has been lately, makes quick inspection.
  8. FRIVOLOUS: Plays stream up, down and across urinals, tries to hit fly or bug.
  9. ABSENT-MINDED: Opens vest, pulls out tie, pisses in pants.
  10. CHILDISH: Pisses directly in bottom of urinal, likes to see it bubble.
  11. SNEAK: Farts silently while pissing, acts very innocent, knows man in

    next stall will get blamed.
  12. PATIENT: Stands very close for a long while waiting, reads with free hand.
  13. DESPERATE: Waits in long line, teeth floating, pisses in pants.
  14. TOUGH: Bangs dick on side of urinal to dry it.
  15. EFFICIENT: Waits until he has to crap, then does both.
  16. FAT: Backs up and takes a blind shot at urinal, pisses in shoe.
  17. LITTLE: Stands on box, falls in, drowns.
  18. DRUNK: Holds right thumb in left hand, pisses in pants.
  19. DISGRUNTLED: Stands for a while, gives up, walks away.
  20. CONCEITED: Holds two-inch dick like a baseball bat.
  21. RADICAL: Ignores urinal. Pisses on wall.
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