The Bank President

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A rather elderly lady carrying a soiled lunchbag walked into the main
offices of the Chase Manhattan Bank. She went to the nearest teller's
window, plunked down the bag and said, "I wish to make a deposit, but
beforehand, I'd like to meet with the President of the bank."

The clerk was about to explain that this was quite impossible, when a
quick count showed there to be somewhat over 3 million dollars in
cash in the sack!

Flabbergasted at the amount, he called upstairs to the President's
office and explained the situation to his secretary who relayed it to
her boss. The old lady was ushered upstairs into the President's
office and introductions were made.

Wondering how this old lady had come by such a tidy sum, the

President inquired, "Are you in the stock market?"

"No," she replied.

"Play the horses then...?"

"No... actually I do wager... but I prefer to bet on people."

"I see," said the President.

"Yes," continued the old lady, "As a matter of fact, I will wager
you $25,000 dollars that by tomorrow morning at nine o'clock your
balls will be square!"

Speculating that he could not possibly lose the bet, the President
said, "I'll have to take you up on that one!" He and the old lady
hook hands and parted company.

The President was very careful the rest of the day and did not go
out that evening to avoid risk. Next morning as he was showering,
he checked himself and all was as it should be. He went to work

At exactly nine o'clock the old lady was again shown into the
President's office only this time accompanied by a distinguished
looking gentleman in an expensive suit.

The woman explained, "This is Mr. Bartelby my attorney, I always
bring him along when dealing in large sums."

The President acknowledged the lawyer and then said, "Well I hate to
tell you this, but I am the same as yesterday only $25,000 richer!"

The old lady asked for proof, and in light of the sum involved, the
President agreed to drop his trousers to allow the old lady to grasp
his scrotum.

At this point the attorney started to bang his head against the
President's desk with vigor.

"What's wrong with him?" asked the President.

"Oh him," said the woman, "I bet him $100,000 yesterday that by 9:15
tomorrow I would have the President of Chase Manhattan Bank by the

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