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Subject: Re: Big breasted women

In a previous article, (N. R. Sterling) says:

>Dear Mr. Williams:
> You sought funding for the wrong place--the Bahamas.

Well, I figured I'd work on the tan first, in order to facilitate the attraction of specimens to study. You know, develope a lure. similar to fishing.

> The main geographical locations where such are to be
>found are in Latin American and European areas.



Oh, good...I was planning a trip to Wales. And I'll have plenty of extra room in the hot air balloon once I dump all that Jello...

> Indeed, it is interesting to note that the aspect of
>large breasts is venerated so much that in most of the areas
>in Latin America and Europe that have been overrun by those
>who call themselves Catholics breast worship has become endemic.

It has become common place for gossiping men and women to wonder how much a woman's breast implants cost and if they are even breast implants at all.

I've never met a man who called himself Catholic. I did once meet a woman who called herself Julie Baptist, though (or no relation to John, that I know of).

> After all, in most of the Catholic churches there is
>a voluptuous idol purporting to be a representation of the mother
>of Jesus. Take a careful look some time and see just how large
>breasted the artists casts those things. pastor objected to me looking up Mary's skirt. Maybe he's hiding something (I've long suspected my pastor to be a drug smuggler)...

> The purpose appears to continue to cultivate a "mother
>image" together with, perhaps, a subconscious incestuous craving
>on the part of the male gender among them.
> Then again, the artists who create those idols for the
>Catholic Churches have perhaps best captured the true aspect of
>the girl known as Mary.
> Evidence provided by Robert Sheaffer in his well-documented
>book, The Making of the Messiah, has provided the details not only
>suggesting that Jesus was born out of wedlock but that Mary was
>most likely a temple prostitute.

Oh, just great...tell me wrestling is fake, why don't you?!? Sheeze...

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