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The girls from the nursing home decided to stop at the local bar for a
cocktail after their weekly bridge game.

Ellie had one martini too many and upon here return to the home was
feeling horney. So she took off her panties and put them into her
handbag and burst into George's room, pulled up her dress and shouted

George said "Ellie, for god's sake, my daughter is coming to visit and
is due any minute.

Crestfallen, Ellie left but was still feeling horney, so she went on
down the hall to Jim's room and again burst in, dress up, shouting


Jim looked up from his bed and said, "I'd like to help you out but
this thing hasn't been up in ten years.

Now Ellie is really depressed, but, she is made of strong stuff.

So, she goes to the end of the hall and jumps into Fred's room. Same
Routine, dress up shouting SUPERSEX!!!

Fred looks at her for a moment and says:

"I'll have the soup"

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