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A ninety year old man marries a nineteen year old girl. Lucky man!

They have a lovely wedding, although his parents couldn't go to the

They jet off to the Seychelles for their honeymoon, spend the day on
the beach, sun bathing, scuba diving, paragliding.

After partying in the disco till 2.00am they wander back to their
hotel room, she (being 19 and VERY eager) bounds up the stairs 3 at a
time, runs straight into the bathroom, tearing off her clothes for a
quick shower. Whilst he is still negotiating the stairs.

By the time he makes the bedroom she is showered, perfumed and dressed
in a short black negligee.

"Ah, my dear," he says, "I won't be long, I just need to freshen up."

The old man goes into the bathroom to 'get ready' and after half an
hour he comes back out wearing ear plugs, nose plugs, and carrying a

"What is all that for" the girl asks?

"There are two things I can't stand" replies the man, "The smell of
burning rubber, and the sound of a woman screaming."

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