Win95 vs Jesus Christ

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If you have half a brain, you can't help but notice the throng of
publications, analysts and net users declaring Windows 95 the
Saviour of the Computer Industry. If you have less than half a
brain, you probably believe it. Could it be?

Let's compare Windows 95 against a widely-accepted Saviour, Jesus
of Nazareth:

JesusWindows 95
Said, "Surely I come quickly."Has been promised "any day now."
Is taking a lot longer to actually arriveIs taking a lot longer to actually arrive
Can walk on water.Can crawl on a 486

Sits in judgment at the pearly gates.Will be used to judge Bill Gates.
Bible says, "In Him, all things are possibleWindows 95 doesn't even run all possible Windows
Started life as a carpenter.Turns perfectly good computers into furniture.
Born in a manger.Resembles something found in a barn.
Remembered for protecting the weak.Has weak memory protection.
Was raised from the dead.Was created from Windows 3.1.
Jesus performed great works for the multitudesWindows 95 multitasking performance barely works.
Jesus has no sin.Windows 95 has no shame.

You decide.

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