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From: Stephen Kunc
Subject: Re: *** HOT XXX Adult Products & Videos -- Free Catalog ***
Newsgroup: ont.personals.whips.and.rubber.chickens

Stephen Kunc wrote: (Bryan Fullerton) wrote:
>Carmen Deturse wrote:
>>Complete catalog of seXXXy products, marital aids,
>>lingerie, outrageous adult gifts, and videos at
>>unbeatable prices.
>You have RCs? I assume you must, 'cause you posted to OPWARC.

>Anyone have experience buying RCs from this company?

I have vast amounts of experience buying from this company, under the pseudonym Nikolaus Maack.

I bought their Thumper IV model Penis Expander, and my first complaint is that it did not come in the plain brown wrapper that they promised. Instead it arrived in a box lavishly adorned with advertisements for cock rings. Later on, I bought their StretchMan "Charles Atlas" model Penis Expander, but I was deeply disatisfied with its performance, the gyroscope always needs to be replaced, and the mazola emits a foul burning smell when you have the Stretchman on the "puree" setting.

I also bought this company's "Little Suzie" blow-up doll, which promised "full life-like lips" and genuine recordings for audio stimulation. The full life-like lips are in fact, prunes, and the audio recordings are surplussed Teddy Ruxpin stories.

Giving this company the benefit of the doubt, I subsequently bought their "Edible Condom" (which broke), their "Mistress Eva stretch pants" (which rode up) and their "C++ compiler" (which did not link properly with ansi.lib).

I hope this gives you some idea of the company you are dealing with, and if you plan on buying a rubber chicken from them, expect it to be made of the cheapest synthetics, not speak properly, and arrive at your neighbour's house in gift-wrapped covered with advertisements for "Hot Lips" lubricants.

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