Funny Videos

5 Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview
8 year old from Dublin prank calls a demolition company to demolish her school
A 5 yr. Old Boy and His Girlfriend Problems
A Cat Wants To Play Ping Pong Too " border="0" width="130" height="97">
A Child Explains Why We Shouldn't Eat Meat
A Drunk Pilot flying a Piper Super Cub
A Life Lived Like Facebook And Twitter
A Mashup Of The Christian Bale Freakout On The Terminator 4 Set By RevoLucian (
A Seemingly Stoned Sir Patrick Stewart Teaches His Girlfriend How to Act
Adorable Kitten Loves To Help With The Laundry
Amazing Skateboarding Dog
An Intellectual Blonde
Animals Jumping On Trampolines
Anthropologically: The Beatles
Arj Barker is The Sickest Buddhist
Awkward Handshake Disorder
Baby Choreographed Modern Dance
Baby Is Terrified Of Mom Blowing Her Nose
Beach Oops
Beer cannon fires beer into your hand
Beware Of Thermal Imaging Cameras In Airports
Billy Bass gets a Brain Upgrade
Bird Teaches You How To Dance To Dubstep
Oh My God, Brains! (Shoes Parody)
Breakfast of Booze - Epic Meal Time
Brian Williams Raps "Baby Got Back"
Brian Williams Raps
Bullshit Is The Most Important Issue For Voters In 2008
Bush dances with Earth Balloon
Buttermilk The Goat Can't Be Happier!
BYOBW 2008 - Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race 2008
Car Alarms Make The Best Rave Beats
Cat and Dog Fight over Cat Food
Cat eats with a fork, a spoon, even chopsticks
Cat Flip
Censored Press Conference Shows Bush Losing It
Chad (Vader) After Dentist
Some children discover that their mom IS Santa
You Do Not Want To Be This Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Loves Showering
Hopefully Your 4th of July Fireworks Won't Be Like This so you Don't Have to Spend the Day Cleaning
Crazy Kid Wanting To Play Unreal Tournament
Crispin Glover on Letterman
Cuddles The Calico Kitten
Dalek Relaxation Tape For Humans
Dancing Walrus
David Blaine in Ice
David Blaine's Street Magic
Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early
Don't Touch My Junk Song
Durex Commercial
It's Every Cuss Word We Know
The Executive Job Market in 2009
Exxon smoked something to think of these Green Energy ideas
Facebook Is Run by The CIA
Fire and Electricity Spewing White Holly in the 2008 Sausalito Yacht Club's Par
First Person In the History of the World To Dance
Fisting - The Secret To Barack And Michelle’s Love Life
Frank Sinatra Croons about MySpace
Freaked Out Kitten
Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene
George Bush IS Funny
George Bush wants Defense money to fight Zombies
Get Your Twangers Out and Play With Your Balls
God Hates The World?
Greg The Bunny Goes to a Rave
Gutenberg Helpdesk - Introducing The Book
Hallucinations the Natural Way
Hell No: Making Sensible Decision In A Horror Film
Higgs Boson for Idiots
Hilariously funny drunk driving arrest
How NOT To Interview For A Job
How smart are some Americans?
How to RAVE: Dance Instructions!
Humor For The Dog Lovers & Cat Haters
I'm On A MotherF@(^!n Bike
I'm Thinking About Buying a VW Van
Impressive Parking Technique
Food Court Musical from Improv Everywhere
Introducing Apples Newest product - The iRack
Iowa Is Not A Bunch Of Hillbillies
It's Black Friday Charlie Brown
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
Jesus Christ The Musical
Jimmy Kimmel Fools SXSW attendees into professing love of made up bands
Saturday Night Live - Jizz In My Pants
Jon Stewart Exposes The Fallacy Of The News Media
Just Benny Hill It
Just bring a chicken to your doctor
Kid Dilbert Has 'The Knack', so he's Doomed to be an Engineer
Dr. Seuss Bible
Kids React To Old Computers
Kitten High Fives and Plays Dead
Kitten Reacts In Surprise Like A Toddler
Kraftwerk Decided To Buy Burning Man Tickets
Leadership.Lessons From Shirtless Dancing Guy
Lie Witness News at Coachella 2013
Literally Rick Rolled
Ecstasy Commercial - Mad TV spoof
Making Dubstep Class Tutorial
Marula fruit - The African booze tree
Mayor Bloomberg Defends Stop And Kiss Program
Monkey vs. Dog
Move Over Movember, Hello Decembeaver
My Blackberry Isn't Working - BBC One
My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 1 - Butter Yo Shit
Nick Burns. Your Company's Computer Guy
Nyan Cat
O'Dweeds - O'Douls for Weed
ONE way to Get Your Cat Inside
Opt Out Of Google. Move To A Remote Village.
Panhandling in NYC on the Subway
Paris Hilton Responds To John McCain Ad
Pee Wee Herman's Anti-Crack PSA
Pet Intervention Episode 3: Gabby The Paint-Huffing Princess
Professor X Insults & Fires Jubilee While Mocking Skrillex
Proper Cough Etiquette
Pug Spins in Circles Imitating a Blender
PumpCast TV Network
Recycle Your Christmas Tree Like A Rocket Scientist
Redneck 911 call
Wii Rejected Game Concepts
Rename Hurricanes After Climate Change Deniers
Rick Perry - A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite
2004 Republican National Convention in 2 Minutes
Rub Some Bacon On It. Bacon Cures All.
The proper (and safe) removal of shade structures at BurningMan
San Francisco Billionaires For Coal Cocktail and Croquet Party
Santa vs. Santa
Sarah Palin - Head Of Skate
Shit Yogis Say
Shocking Newscast
Smokin' Weed - The Musical
Social Experiment Where Couple Asks Strangers To Have A Threesome
Speed Enforced By Aircraft
Speed Saves Lives
Spiders On Drugs
BBC - Spoof news report of weed & coca burning
Stoner gets on The Price Is Right, bids 420 on everything!
Store display "waterbed" testing
Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies
Talking Dog Gets Teased With Bacon
Teddy The Teddy Bear Has An Operation. A WTF Video.
The 5 Second Rule
The Best use of Work Time
The Bicycle Orgasm
The Big Butt Roll
The Breakup: A Portrait of Dignity
The Craziest Prank You May Ever See
The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (warning, BAD language.)
The Evolution of Dance
The Safety Speech To End All Safety Speeches
The Internet Isn't a Big Truck. It's a series of TUBES.
The Muppets Do Bohemian Rhapsody
The Parent Rap
The Reason Some Women Stay Single
The Unseen Bill Hicks Appearance On Letterman
“The Walken Dead”, a zombie virus that causes people to quote Christopher Walke
The Walking Dead Written And Directed By Jerry Seinfeld " border="0" width="130" height="97">
The Whitest Kids U' Know - Pledge of Allegiance
They're Out There Man - UFO Guy Remixed
This Is A Trent Reznor Song
Tiger Woods Google Superbowl Ad Parody
Tim Hawkins Discovers His Wife's Secret Power - Yoga Pants
Tom Mabe Pranks Telemarketer With Fake Death Scene
Valentine's Day Proposal Prank
Waitress Of The Month
We Love Butt Drugs
Welcome To Canada - Talking Beaver
What Do You Poupon?
What We Say vs What We Think - Boring Small Talk Translated
What's Better Than Having Gary Busey Talk To Inanimate Objects You Select?
When Will The Bass Drop?
Who Needs Candy When Your Beaver's So Dandy - Beaver Carpets
Why women stay single
Will Ferrell And His Red Hot Chili Peppers Doppelganger Chad Smith Have A Drum-Off
Will It Kill A Zombie?
You Can Put Your Weed In There
How To Be Emo
Whedon On Romney