CIA Test

Three guys are applying for job with the CIA. They got all the way to the final test.

So the first guy walks into the directors office and sits down. The director reaches in his desk and pulls out a pistol. He lays it on his desk in front of the guy and tells him, "This test is to test your loyalty. Take this gun and go up the stairs and go into the first room on your right. Your wife will be in there. Put a bullet in her head." The guy looks at him and says, "No way." So the director says, "You fail."

The next guy enters. The director tells him the same thing. Guy picks up the gun and heads for the room. Comes back about 15 minutes later and tells the director that he just couldn't go through with it. The director says, "You fail."

So now the third guy enters and the same task is given to him. He heads up to the room and the director hears 3 shots, followed by a whole lot of ruckus (glass breaking, furniture getting smashed, etc.). Guy comes back in all beat up and his clothes tore up. The director goes, "What happened to you?" Guy replies, "After three shots I realized that there were blanks in the gun so I had to choke her to death."