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  1. Episode 1 will premiere on May 21.

  2. In recent months, hordes of fans have been buying tickets to other movies just to
    see the Star Wars preview - and leaving before the feature.

  3. Movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert reviewed the preview on a recent

  4. A hologram of Mr Ed the talking horse appears subliminally in the preview, crooning
    "The Force is The Force, of course, of course."

  5. Director Steven Spielberg's opinion of his friend Lucas' new film: Let me put it
    this way: I wouldn't want to be the guy opening a movie against him."


  7. Spielberg has begun collaboration with Lucas and will direct either the second or
    the third episode.

  8. Fans from abroad have bought airline tickets to travel to the United States for the
    May launch, rather than wait for it to arrive in their own countries.

  9. Toy giant Hasbro has reportedly paid $800 million for the rights to reproduce
    various action figures from the prequels.

  10. Actor Samuel L. Jackson, who appears as a Jedi knight in Episode 1, got to pick out
    his own lightsaber.

  11. As part of his new seven-year, $105 mission contract with major league baseball's
    Los Angeles Dodgers, ace pitcher Kevin Brown requested "access" to the Star Wars

  12. Lucasfilm THX and Dolby Laboratories have combined to create Doby Digital-Surround
    EX, which will be unveiled with Episode 1.

  13. Movie-theater owners who want to show the prequel will be required to upgrade their
    facilities with the new audio technology.

  14. In a sly reference to the famous Beatles rumor, Lucas has named one of the Dark
    Side villains Paulus Ded.

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