The Heavenly Marriage

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There was a young couple, very much in love, who the night before they were
to be married, were both tragically killed in an automobile accident. They
found themselves at the pearly gates of heaven being escorted in by St.
Peter. After a couple of weeks in heaven, the prospective groom took St.
Peter aside and said, "St.Peter, my fiancee and I are very happy to be in
heaven but we miss very much the opportunity to have celebrated our wedding
vows. Is it possible for people in heaven to get married?"

St. Peter looked at him and said, "I'm sorry, I've never heard of anyone in
heaven wanting to get married. I'm afraid you'll have to talk to the Lord
God Almighty about that. I can get you an appointment for two weeks from

Come the appointed day, the couple were escorted by the guardian angels into

the presence of the Lord God Almighty, where they repeat the request. The
Lord looked at them solemnly and said, "I tell you what, wait five years
and if you still want to get married, come back and we will talk about it

Well five years went by, and the couple still very much wanting to get
married, came back. Again the Lord God Almighty said, "Please you must wait
another five years and then I will consider your request."

Finally, they come before the Lord God Almighty the third time, ten years
after their first request, and ask the Lord again. This time the Lord
answered, "Yes, you may marry. This Saturday at 2:00 p.m., we will have a
beautiful ceremony in the main chapel. The reception will be on me!"

The wedding went beautifully, all the guests thought the bride was
beautiful. Moses brought some flowers from the Nile River Delta and Ghandi
came wearing his finest hand-woven sari. But, you guessed it, the couple
was married but a few weeks when they realized they had made a horrible
mistake, they just couldn't stay married to one another.

So they made another appointment to see the Lord God Almighty, this time to
ask if they could get a divorce in heaven. When the Lord heard their
request, he looked at them and said, "Look, it took us ten years to find a
priest up here in heaven; do you have any idea how long it'll take to find a

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