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Apparently the version of the joke I sent out yesterday was a
significantly changed version of the original one, which a
correspondent reports as being at least 8 years old. Since I
prefer the originals of these things, I'm resending a copy of
the original.

But don't ya love urban legends?

Stay tuned for today's joke.


My neighbor used to have a pet rabbit. It was their pride and joy. Their
10 year old daughter loved it. Unfortunately, my dog hated it. It used to

get around the fence and growl at the rabbit in its cage. The neighbors had
warned me at least once to keep my dog away from their rabbit.

One day my dog came in carrying the rabbit dead in its mouth. I was
horrified! The rabbit was all dirty. My dog had clearly killed it.
Thinking fast, I coaxed the dead fuzzy thing away from my dog. I figured
that if I could get the rabbit back in its cage before the neighbors got
home, they might think it died from natural causes. I washed the fur, blow
dried it and combed it. Then I hopped the fence and placed the rabbit
carefully back in its cage. And I waited.

Presently, the neighbors Volvo pulled up and their little girl opened the
back door of the house. There was a scream. When I poked my head over the
fence to ask what was the matter, I was told "Yesterday our rabbit died and
we buried him. Today he's back in his cage!"

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