Is brain damage good for you

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From: Lloyd Wood <>
Subject: Re: Is brain damage good for you?
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>No, the BIBLE said that, but who reads documentation?

The Bible isn't documentation.

The Bible is after-the-fact Tech Support, who will tell you anything to keep you happy and keep you buying into the Product.

Like the Bible, Tech Support is focused solely on the limited and warped

perceptions of the User who bought the Product in the first place, and doesn't bother wasting time filling the User in on the Big Picture or How Things Really Are, because, quite frankly in the humble opinion of Tech Support, the User's limited perceptions and intelligence just aren't up to the task at hand, and trying to explain it all to the User would just make the User feel unhappy and inadequate.

This is well and good, because, like the Bible, Tech Support doesn't understand the Big Picture and isn't up to the grasping-the-matter task either, much less explaining it coherently to the User.

The documentation for the Product got really garbled on the way down from the Creation Team to the point where Tech Support couldn't understand it (at least, that's why Tech Support thinks they can't understand it), so Tech Support generally made it up as it goes along, trying to keep the User happy, ahving constructed its very superficial not-quite-subject- to-scrutiny mythology of how things work, to pass on to Tech Suppor members in need of inspiration and guidance to placate a frustrated User.

This is how the Bible, Apple's Information Alley, and all those why-Word-6.0-is-a-piece-of-crud-that-won't-import-graphics excuses at get written.

There are those of us who believe in figuring things out for ourselves, rather than calling on the collected mythology of Tech Support and askinig for guidance.

We are known as atheists, or as hackers.


Tech Support predicts a vile end for us, because Tech Support hates smartasses. -- <URL:><>

        The human sprit sublimates
        The impulses it thwarts.
        A Healthy sex life mitigates
        The need for other sports        Piet Hein, 1966
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