Indy Drivers Popping Out Eye

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From alt.folklore.urban. The eye-ball story itself is strange enough,
but make sure you read the last paragraph...

>> I was in a meeting in Indianapolis, and during a break we got to
talking about the Indy 500. One of the locals said he was talking to
a race car engineer who was talking about how they are trying to slow
the cars down slightly. His explanation was that when you hit the
wall, the drivers collide with the force of 64g's (which may or may
not be true). Although the cars are engineered to protect the driver
from broken bones, etc., their internal organs slam forward (brain
hitting the front of the skull, then richocheting back and forth;

heart and lungs hitting the ribcage) and in some instances the
emergency crews have arrived and seen the driver's eyeballs popped out
of the skull and have to be pushed back in. I've read about the brain
bit before, but what about the eyeballs. Any truth to this? <<

I just spoke with God, and He says that he never put enough slack in
the optic nerve to allow for the eyes to pop out, be pushed back in
and still work.

(Before you post about the gender of God, remember that He put the
woman's bladder under the uterus - a woman would not have made that

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