If Dr. Seuss wrote for ER

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Subject: If Dr. Seuss wrote for ER (long)
From: Brent Fogel 
Newsgroups: alt.tv.er


Kerry: Now Mark, I think this ER's great,
But...there are problems that can't wait!
Now Benton's fine, and Carter too,
But Ross and Susan just won't do!
Now who do you think that we should hire,
Since both of them today I'll fire?

Mark: Kerry, maybe we should wait and see...

Kerry: That's great Mark! I knew you would agree...

Jerry: Dr. Weaver? Sorry to interrupt...
But the paramedics just pulled up.

Mark: Ok, I'm here. What have you got?

Shep: This little boy has just been shot!
His pulse is faint, his breath is weak.
We did all we could to stop the leak.

Riley: And this woman here, she has a broken hip...

Carol: How did she fall? How did she trip?

Shep: The kid's mom was getting in my hair,
So I shoved her--lightly--down some stairs.

Mark: Benton, Kerry! Take the mom to three!
Doug and Susan! Come with me!

Riley: But wait, but wait! Oh don't you see?
We've got some more; one, two, and three.

Kerry: You've got three more? How can this be?
Explain it, tell it all to me!

Riley: Well, Shep was driving. Really fast.
A light turned red. Shep hit the gas.
We hit a car, it hit two more.
Soon the total rose by four.
Another bang! Another crash!
But we couldn't stay, we had to dash!
We grabbed these three but I am sure,
The injured totaled sixty score!

Carter: These people really are a mess!
Their injuries I cannot guess!
It makes me sick, my knees are weak,
A toilet I must soon go seek...

Benton: It's ok Carter! Stay on your toes!
It doesn't get worse than this you know!
To Trauma four let's take these three.
You can do it, come with me!

Green: Ok, let's get this boy on the table.
To save his life if we are able!

Haleh: Dr. Green! This boy is cyanotic!
I can't find a pulse...oh, wait I've got it!
But it is weak! Oh, woe is us!

Doug: Give him saline! IV push!
CBC, chem 7, stat!
We will save him, bet on that!
Oh no, he's showing poor perfusion!
Lydia, start a blood tranfusion!

Lydia: But Dr. Ross, I hate to say.
The blood bank didn't come today!
We're out of blood, I can't believe!

Doug: Here, use mine! (rolls up his sleeve)

Kerry: We need some help! There's been a crash!
Someone's heart stopped with a flash!
But Dr. Benton saved the day,
And Carter's going to be ok.

Susan: What can I do, where can I go?
I'm not incompetent you know!
I deserve a chance and with good reason,
I only killed one guy last season!

Chloe: Hey, Suze? Look! It's me...
I doing great...oh, can't you see?
I'm back on drugs and feeling woozy,
Can you take care of little Susie?

Susan: Not now Chloe! I'm in a panic!

Kerry: Get Susan out, she can't handle it!

Mark: It's fine! It's done, the kid's ok.
We're sending him up on his way.
To surgery he's off to go,
They must sew up that bullet hole.
But Dr. Ross, he's out of sorts...
We had to take a dozen quarts.

Benton: Ok, we're done. I did it all.
I used a double breasted suture saw.
I closed them up, I fixed their ills.
I patched their wounds, I gave them pills.
I have their livers in this sack.
I did it all, behind my back.
I need more patients, give me more!
I just cured three, now give me four!

Carter: What happened? Did I miss it all?
I saw some blood. I took a fall.
But it doesn't matter, we saved the day!

Carol: Get ready! There's more on the way!

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