5 Reasons IBMs are better than Macs

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  1. I like the choice of memory - conventional, UMB, HMA, EMS, XMS, DPMI,
    VCPI. Macintosh 32-bit flat addressing does not appeal to me.

  2. I like the choice of video adapter "standards": MDA, CGA, Hercules,
    Hercules Colour, EGA, VGA, SVGA, XGA, 8514, AT&T, PGA. In any case, I
    enjoy restarting Windows every time I want to change video modes.

  3. Everyone knows IBM buses are better than the Macintosh - ISA 16 bit at
    8MHz is fast enough for me. Or I could use EISA, MCA, VLB, or even PCI.
    Those poor Macintosh users only get a 20MHz NuBus slot or a 32-bit local
    bus slot (which they had to put up with before us IBM users did anyway).

  4. My IBM PC is more expandable than a Macintosh - I've got two serial
    ports, a parallel port, a joystick port (all on the one card!), a sound
    card (SoundBlaster, AdLib, MediaVision, Gravis - all different standards,
    of course), a mouse plugged into my serial port, a video adapter, a
    network card, a disk drive controller, and a SCSI interface. Of course,
    that all takes up six of my eight slots just to get my PC up to the same
    standard as a Macintosh with nothing plugged into its expansion slots,
    but that doesn't really count.

  5. My PC running 16-bit text mode DOS applications is much faster than a
    Macintosh running 32-bit GUI applications. Although, when I run Windows I
    have to be satisfied with a computer just slightly faster than molasses
    in the freezer.

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