Redneck Self-identification test

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  • You think Windows95 is a fair bb gun record.
  • You overhear someone say, "Boy am I swamped at work," and you think that means the person does frog gigging for a living.
  • You think Liz Taylor married Larry for his money.
  • You join in when they play the dogs barking to 'Jingle Bells' on the truck radio.
  • You've worn out 6 mouth organs.
  • You think velcro is a new kind of musical instrument.
  • Bigfoot uses your home for UPS deliveries.
  • When you heard there was a snack called "Goobers," you thought you could earn money by sending yours to the manufacturer.
  • You think Proszac is a sports guy.
  • You think Mensa is a monthly feminine thing.
  • You think "passive restraint system" refers to riding your pick-up on the center line so nobody can get around you.
  • You think Seinfeld is a description of the result of jumping a curb.
  • You think re-booting your machine refers to kicking the truck tires the second time it won't start.
  • You think that if given the chance YOU'D be able to pick off that damned Energizer Bunny.

  • The house feels a bit lonely when winter comes and the last fly dies.
  • If extra seating in your house means sending Billie Bob for a log from the wood pile.
  • After the crick floods your house, your wife asks for new carpeting and you say, "Why, it just got cleaned?"
  • You consider chewing beef jerky to be as good as brushing your teeth.
  • If you are the first in your family to walk upright.
  • If you believe that Chevrolet only made a 1972 pickup.
  • If you spent more money for your gun cabinet than you did for your house.
  • If you sold your kids for some stock in Redman Tobacco Company.
  • If you go to mud bogs on a regular basis.
  • You might be a redneck if you let the sheep sleep inside of your house
  • You have ever took your date to the drive-in movie and snuck her in the trunk of your car.
  • If your idea of going 'on line' involves static and the words '10-4 good buddy'.
  • You've been married twice and still have the same inlaws.
  • Your wife has ever said to you "Move this transmission, so I can take a bath.".
  • If you think euthanasia is a little chinese kid.
  • If your favorite sport is wrestling.
  • If your couch has a seatbelt on it..
  • If your swimming pool has a tailgate on it..
  • If you can't remember the name of your uncle-dad after getting drunk at the family reunion.

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