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In article , (Rob Blake) wrote:

>In article (Allan Donald) writes:
> >>0.0% idle!?!? That's one busy Sparc10.
> >>
> >Probably just netscape. Why don't we start a rumour that there's a problem
> >with netscape which can cause luser files to be wiped out (or even make a
> >VIRUS!!! (tell 'em that and they are putty in your hands)) if they access
> >more than 3 sites a session (motd etc) and advise using lynx instead
>For anyone who hasn't read my posts in bofh.general, I've recently been
>waging a religious war against some luser who rebooted our DEC alpha while
>I was using it. Apparently it hung when he was running 7 copies of netscape

>at once (!) Said luser has alos been documented as liking VMS Mail and
>even M$Mail, so he obviously deserves to die.
> Along with many BOFH exercises, I've managed to stop him using netscape.
>How? Simple. I aliased 'netscape' to be a shell script which simply echoed
>a message to the screen saying 'You have used up your quota of Netscape(tm)
>for this month. Please wait until next month before using Netscape(tm)
>again. Failure to comply may result in Netscape(tm) privilages being
>removed for this user.'
> A friend of mine, who was watching over my shoulder as I did this, recently
>met Mr. Luser in the refectory. It was all he could do to stop pissing
>himself when Mr. L said 'Did you know Netscape has a quota on it?'. As per
>my recommendation, my friend replied (completely dead-pan) 'Yeah. I think
>that's a new feature of v2.0'.
> Luser-man was last seen using xmosaic and counting the days 'till March 1st.

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