You Know You're Online Too Much When...

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  • ...all of your most erotic dreams are in TEXT.
  • ...during awkward pauses IRL conversations, your first thought is LAG.
  • ...when you're trying to pick up someone IRL you try to do ".t's"
  • only answer to your user ID IRL.
  •'ve forgotten what the outside looks like.
  • may not know what is happening in the world, but you know every
    bit of net-gossip there is.
  • cant talk to people unless you type it on a kb first.
  • are amazed that anyone uses a phone without a modem on it...let
    alone hear actual voices.
  • find yourself falling for someone you've never seen or hardly
    know, but, boy can he/she TYPE!!!!!!
  •'re so used to cybersex that you need the kb IRL with you in

  • ...when dumped on the net, you spend all your time in false ID's
    looking for them at other sites.
  • ...when dumped IRL you spend all your time searching sites...even if
    he/she doesn't own a computer.
  •'ve never seen your closest friends who usually live WAY too far
  • mentally 'emote' an action IRL before you do it.
  • ...when meeting someone IRL, you automatically want to .ex/finger
  • ...when you watch TV and try to get the scrollback screen to see what
    you missed.
  • ...the hum of a cooling fan and the click of keys is comforting to
  • ...when you experience ACTUAL physical withdrawal symptoms when away
    from your puter and the net.
  • ... when you waiting to close your respective job you try to do a .who
    to see who is left.

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