Those Perverts at Disney

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[This purports to be a letter from Don Wildmon, head of the American Family Association. It's not yet validated, but if it is a joke, the jokers sure got the patter right.]

Dear Friends:

Once again, it is time for us to stand up and tell the liberal entertainment industry that America will not tolerate the continual erosion of the minds of our young people with obscene pornography disguised as "family entertainment".

The Walt Disney Company, one of America's leading distributors of lucrative, mind-rotting garbage aimed at children--``THE LION KING, ALADDIN--is at it again. TOY STORY, the company's big Christmas release, is positively the most disgusting example of Hollywood's use of pornography to line its

coffers since ABC-TV's NYPD BLUE.

Some of the following descriptions may be offensive, so please keep this out of the hands of your children:

In TOY STORY, rated G by the ultraliberal MPAA, the main characters, "Woody"--note sexual reference--and "Buzz"--note drug reference--are owned by a child in a single-parent household in which the father is noticeably absent. "Woody" and "Buzz" have equally disturbing toy friends, including a sex-obsessed talking potato, a sex-obsessed Bo Peep doll who cannot keep her hands (or lips) off "Woody," and an Etch-a-Sketch whose "knobs" must be "adjusted" to produce results.

(For a complete report on TOY STORY, see the December issue of the AFA Journal, available from the American Family Association, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803.)

This is obviously material not acceptable for children, yet Disney has aimed this wallow in the gutter squarely at the hearts and minds of our youth. We MUST tell them that we will NOT allow them to continue this mind pollution. I URGE you to make copies of this letter and DISTRIBUTE it to your friends and neighbors and boycott TOY STORY and all of its tie-in products IMMEDIATELY.

And PLEASE write or call the creators and distributors of this filth and let them know that you are FED UP with their reckless and immoral actions. AFA efforts like this are keeping pornography off store shelves, off television sets, and out of the theaters and video stores of America, but we MUST NOT LET UP. As long as Hollywood does not get the message and WAKE UP, we must continue to tell them how America feels.

Write to:
Chrm. Michael Eisner
The Walt Disney Co.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Or phone: 818-560-1000

Hollywood IS listening. We ARE winning battle after battle. And with your help, we will win the war. Boycott TOY STORY. Tell your friends and neighbors. The children of America thank you, and I thank you.

God bless,


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