The Lusethropic Principle

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Newsgroup: alt.sysadmin.recovery
From: cantrick@rintintin.Colorado.EDU (Ben Cantrick)
Subject: Luser thinks they know the lingo...
Date: 12 May 1996 18:13:37 GMT

I'm working Saturday, as usual, and a guy walks into the office...

"I'm trying to get an e-mail account on the World Wide Web," he says.

After I stop, I tell him why I was laughing. And then he's PO'd at me... (Sheesh. LART![1])

But this incident gets me thinking. Why does this luser think he has any kind of a clue? Why? What could have implanted the idea in his head that he, Mr. J. Random Luser, was competent to use the technobabble

reserved for people who know what they're talking about?

I developed a theory. It's somewhat related to the Anthropic Principle of Cosmology. I believe I will call it the "Lusethropic Principle." Let me tell you what it is...

* The easier computers are to use, the stupider the userbase will be.

There are two corollaries, which are (respectivly), "The weak lusethropic principle" and "The strong lusethropic principle."

- The Strong Lusethropic Principle states: "The more idiot proof the software, the more it encourages the user to be careless and not think. Therefore, idiot-proof software actually encourages, contributes, and actually CAUSES lusers to be stupid."

- The Weak Lusethropic Principle states: "As more idiot-proof software becomes avalable, more idiots are able to use computers. Idiot-proof software did not make or cause computer lusers; it simple allowed lusers to use computers where they could not before."

Most of the time, I'm definitly in the "Weak Lusethropic Principle" camp. I think that there were always lusers of some sort or another; it's just that right now, they happen to be using computers.[2]

However, there are certain people[3] that, at times, punt me right into the other camp...

-Ben -----
[1] Why don't I bring my LART to work with me? Why? Why??[4]
[3] COU-"email account on the world wide web"-GH!
[4] Oh yeah, it doesn't fit in my backpack...
"BGC: Because some of us believe women over 14 are still sexy."
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*Ben Cantrick, diehard BGC otaku and Priss fan. ---> THE BGC DUBS SUCK! <---*
*Why Mac? "When I want to spend 50% of my time fighting an OS, I'll use VMS."*

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