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From: (Maddirator)

A Postal Commission's stamp design, of a atomic bomb mushroom cloud,
has been cancelled by President Clinton. No one is acknowledging
this continuing streak of violence by postal workers, either.


The US Postal Service, bowing to pressure from many sides,
including the Japanese and the White House, have dropped
plans for a new stamp commemorating the dropping of the
A-Bomb on Japan to end WWII.

The Postal Service has announced their next stamp: an

artist's rendition of former President George Bush vomiting
on the Japanese ambassador.

(From "The Bearman & Keith" radio show on WZZO in Allentown, PA)

From: (Steve Barr)

The post office will instead be producing two other stamps:
"Rape of Nanking shows Japanese superiority"
"Comfort women ease soldiers' burden."

From: (Bob Robillard)

The US Postal Service has recently decided not to issue
a stamp commemorating the dropping of the Atomic Bomb
on Japan during World War II. The Post Office was
surprised by the outcry over this stamp, but has learned
from its mistake. The following is a list of other
planned stamps that are being abandoned.

A stamp commemorating the assassination of
President Lincoln. It depicted John Wilkes Booth's
dramatic leap to the stage of Ford's theatre, and
carried the caption "Sic Temper Tyrannis." Lincoln
could be seen slumping in his box.

A series of stamps with famous serial killers. This
project was in jeopardy anyway, because Post Office
policy is not to put living Americans on stamps, and
what would a serial killer series be without Charles

A stamp in honor of the extinction of the Mohicans,
picturing a Mohawk, 'cause they have cooler haircuts.

The Personal Hygiene series, which would have
depicted the evolution of important-but-often-under-
appreciated inventions such as deodorant and
hair spray.

A Stamp commemorating the decision by the framers
of the US Constitution to count black slaves as
3/5's of a human being.

A stamp showing Three Mile Island, with the caption
"Meltdown Free since 83."

A Series called Bad Moments in American Military
History, to include "Valley Forge," "Picket's Charge,"
"Pearl Harbor," "The Bataan Death March," and "The Tet

The "Commonly Seen Roadkill" limited series
was to have warned motorists of animals that
may haplessly jump out in front of them.

A stamp called the "Poor little rich county,"
originally targeted as a fundraiser for Orange County, CA.

Other geographically educational stamps on
the drawing board included: "Cleveland - The
Mistake by the Lake," "Staten Island - NYC's
Garbage Dump," "Detroit - Don't go out at Night,"
and "The NJ Meadowlands, Graveyard of Organized

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