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Here's a new support bulletin board that should continue the level of
service we are already getting from several vendors:

In Recognition of the number of problems that you have been having
with our software, we have set up a special private BBS to serve you
better. On this BBS your needs will be addressed promptly and with the
highest priority. All future correspondence should be via this new

To access the BBS, you must dial in from a PC based modem running
Windows '95 (TM Microsoft) using the communication package "el PC
telefono," which is sold in most Latin American countries. Call your
special access number, 1-900-543-2100 (1200 Baud, No Parity, 1 Stop
Bit). When connected, type in your 147 character access code. Please

note that to protect your account security the code is not displayed
on the screen as you type. The password is also case sensitive. This
will give you access to the Welcome screen from which you can access
all the other areas on the BBS. (The welcome screen is very graphics
intensive and may take several hours to download)

You are now ready to enter the specific area that is relevant to
your problem.

> Disk Compression Problem Area- Type (simultaneously) ctrl-alt g x y
z esc 2 F1 F10

> Universal Language Translator Problem Area- Type ctrl p l o 3 4 esc

> Pre-release compatibility Problem Area- ctrl t o u g h l u c k esc .

> All other problems- ctrl alt del

By entering your problem into the correct area it will receive
immediate attention by one of our highly trained Job Corps volunteers
(assuming congress is still funding this program). From there the
problem is photocopied and sent to every one of our other customers
with a note asking if they have ever seen this problem and if so how
did they solve it.

To protect your confidentiality, any answer that does manage to get
posted will be translated to swahili and encrypted. To receive the
decryption key word, you must call our "Automated Keyword Generation
Line". To access this line dial 1-900-278-2537 (thats 1-900-A
SUCKER) with a rotary phone. When the call connects, you must quickly
transfer your call to a touch tone phone to answer the rest of the
questions. (please have your credit card ready). If you enter in the
number of the problem, the phone will (assuming your credit card is
accepted) beep the touch tone codes of the letters for the key word
back to you.

We hope that this system is helpful. We have found a dramatic decrease
in the number of problems that people report once this system is put
in place. We hope that it will do the same for you. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to post them to me in the "other
problems" area of the BBS.

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