What IBM really stands for

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What IBM really stands for... According to Computer Digest (July, 1989) Retyped from The Report on IBM News Digest November 8, 1989

I Blame Mathematics
I Breaks Monthly
I Bring Madness
I Broke Mine
I Built Mine
I bring manuals
I'd Be Misinforming
I'd Buy Macintosh
I'll Buy Macintosh
I'm Being Manipulated
I'm Beyond Mistakes
I'm Buying Macintosh

I've Become Magnanimous
I've Been Mangled
I've Been Mauled
I've Been Mesmerized
I've Been Misled
Ici Beaucoup Merde
Iconoclastic Bilateral Monopoly
Icons Bygones My Mom's
Idealistically Backwards Microcomputers
Ideas Bring Money
Idiots Became Managers
Idiots Being Mental
Idle Brain Malfunction
Ifs Buts Maybys
Ill'manners Being Mandatory
Ill-mannered Besotten Macrocasm
Illustrious Bankruptcy Malenfactor
Illustrious Busy Mice
Imbecile Bad Micros
Imensa Bola De Manteca
Imitable Boring Microcomputers
Immeasurable Bigheaded Malapert
Immovable Brash Monolith
Impeccably Blue-dressed Managers
Imperial Bellicose Marauder
Imperialist by Marketing
Impersonal Bellicose Magnate
Impious Bacchnalain Metropolis
In Business (for) Money
Inadequates Becoming Millionaires
Inane Brutish Merchandising
Incompatible Blue Machines
Inconsistent Business machines
Incontinent Bandolerisimo Moloch
Increasingly Bad Manufacturing
Increasingly Banal Movement
Incredible Bowel Movement
Incredibly Bad Merchandising
Incredibly Ballsey Marketeers
Incredibly Belligerent Merketing
Incredibly Big Manufacturer
Incredibly Big Monster
Incredibly Bloody Minded
Incredibly Boastful Mercenary
Incredibly Boring Manuals
Incredibly Broad Monolopy
Incredibly Bullying Menace
Indecision Breeds Mistakes
Indecorous Big-named Medusoid
Indigestion Bothers Me
Industry Bowel Movement
Industry's Biggest Mistake
Industry's Bulging Monolith
Inept Bulling Menace
Inevitably Bad Marketing
Inferior Before Macintosh
Infernal Biggest Mistake
Infernal Blue Machines
Infinite Budget Merchandising
Infinitely Baffling Motives
Inherently Bad Manuals
Innovation By Management
Insanely Better Marketing
Insensitivity Begets Mediocrity
Inshallah Burak Ma'lesh
Insidious Byzantine Mentality
Insignificant Bothersome Machine
Insipidly Bankrolling Millions
Insolent Bickering Mal-der-mer
Install Bigger Memory
Insulting Boorish Manner
Insultingly Boring Microcomputers
Intensely Boring Machines
Intentionally Braindamaged Machinery
Interesting But Mediocre
Interesting But Mundane
Intergalactic Bottomline Mistake
Internals By Mediocrity
International Bit Mangler
International Bowel Movement
Intersmashable Byte manipulators
Into Building Money
Intriguingly Blue Motif
Invented By Maladroits
Invented By Marketing
Invented By Murphy
Irresponsibility Behaved Multinational
It Broke Be
It's Become Monolithic
It's Been Malfunctioning
It's Better 'morrow
It's Better Manually
It's Beyond Monolithic
It's Broke Ma'am
It's Bugging Me
It's Bullshit Mommery
Itty Bitty Machines
Itty Bitty Mentality
Itty Bitty Mouse
Itty Bity Maharishi
intercourse Beats Masturbation



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