In-house Staff Training

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Many members of staff have expressed a wish for further training to help them deal with clients, suppliers and other members of staff. We have selected the following courses with a view to improving staff performance both in motivation and abilities in various other directions. These courses can be booked either via your department head or directly.


SI 100 Creative Suffering
SI 101 Overcoming Peace of Mind
SI 102 Ego Gratification through Violence
SI 103 Dealing with Post-Realisation Depression
SI 104 Overcoming Self-Doubt through Pretence and Ostentation
SI 105 Whine your way to Alienation
SI 106 Guilt without Sex

SI 107 Feigning Knowledge - A Career Advancement Strategy
SI 108 Keeping Facts out of Management Structures
SI 109 Carrying a Piece of Paper while Walking Briskly


BC 100 The Underachievers' Guide to Very Small Business Opportunities
BC 101 How to Profit from your own Body
BC 102 Tatooing your Colleagues as an Income Supplement
BC 103 Credit Purchasing with your Kidney Donor Card


C 100 Bonsai your Pet
C 101 Self-Actualisation through Macrame
C 102 Origami for Self-Defence
C 103 Drawing Genitalia in Soft Pastel Shades (Summer Term only)
C 104 Needlecraft for Vaccinators


HE 100 Cultivating Viruses in a Household Refridgerator
HE 101 Sinus Drainage in the Modern Marriage
HE 102 Basic Kitchen Taxidermy
HE 103 1001 Other Uses for your Vacuum Cleaner


FH 100 The Joys of Hypochondria
FH 101 High Fibre Sex/Bio-Feedback and How to Stop It
FH 102 Skate your Way to Regularity
FH 103 Tap-Dance to Social Ridicule
FH 104 Snap Out Of It/Pull Yourself Together *
FH 105 Eating with Plastic Spoons *

* Organised by the Samaritans

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