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Breaker one-nineLog on
HandleScreen name
Good ol' boyHacker
Stick shiftMouse
"Hey there, good buddy":-)
Burt ReynoldsBill Gates
Channel 19America Online
CoorsJolt Cola
Country & WesternTechno
'The Dukes of Hazzard''Star Trek: The Next Generation'
Gilley'sCyber Cafe
Radio ShackCompUSA
Billy CarterNewt Gingrich
'Guns & Ammo''Wired'
Truck stopsBulletin boards
Highway patrolRoom moderators
Sheriff Buford T. JusticeThe Unabomber
NashvilleSilicon Valley
Firebird jacketPocket protector
Flippin' the birdFlaming
'B.J. and the Bear'TV's 'Weird Science'
Betty Ford ("First Mamma")Courtney Love (LilacsOO@aol.com)
Rand McNally truckers' atlasNetscape
Truck-stop hookerCybersex
Sally Field 'Smokey & the Bandit'Sandra Bullock in 'The Net'
TollboothsPhone bills
Put the hammer downISDN line
'Convoy' by C.W. McCall'Microserfs' by Douglas Coupland
"Keep on truckin'""May the Force be with you"
"I'm Gone""Game Over"
Dolly PartonTank Girl
Mechanical BullMyst

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