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"I'm sorry but there is no more cake, Mr. Limbaugh." Letterman's top 10 list of things overheard at Trump's wedding.

"There's a new organization being formed. It's called 'Feminists, Homeless, and Blacks for Limbaugh." And they're meeting in a phone booth in Wichita."
Larry King

"The Florida Citrus Commission chose Rush Limbaugh as their spokesman.

Officials say Limbaugh was chosen for his popularity, his sense of humor, and his uncanny resemblance to a giant grapefruit."
Kevin Nealon, Saturday Night Live

After listening to Rush go on and on about some pet complaints against Democrats, especially the Clinton, David Letterman commented, "Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just think to yourself, I'm just full of hot gas?"

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