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In article <>, (PAUL BROWN) writes:
> Carl - Long time no message, how are things going??
> Cheers Paul

Oh, pretty good actually. The cars going good now I put all the wheels back on (it was touch and go for a while there - it used to just sit on the front lawn and spit out turf till the mechanic pointed out the wheel thing). The mincer is back in business - two cats while I was watching TV last night - making quite a tasty meatloaf if I say so myself.

The upholstery classes are going well, we're lining telephones next week - I have no idea why, but the tutor gets upset if you ask too many questions.

On the golfing front, I smacked some balls around last tuesday till the cops came and made me stop, but it was his own fault for parking so close that I couldn't get out. Unfortunately he was the President of the Club, AND, as fate would have it, it was his car park, so my membership's a little in question.

Jenny is well, or as well as can be expected with a perforated ulcer of her upper nasal passage, which isn't so bad unless she sneezes in her sleep, which usually leaves me looking like I've been out axe murdering recently, which is a bit of a hassle, but does tend to reduce the number of callers to the house, especially now that I've developed my technique of standing in the bay window like and screaming "YOU'RE NEXT BUCKO!" at passers-by. Actually, I'm getting to know the cops quite well as it happens.

Well, can't tarry around here any longer, time waits for no man and I've got a couple of cows to set on fire before smoko.

Hope all is well with you and the pit-bull - don't worry, I destroyed the photographs so the SPCA doesn't have a leg to stand on. A bit like your neighbour now ay!

Cheers - give the parking meter one for me.

- Simon.

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