Is "Bob Dole" only a coincidence

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Tehran (Reuter) - For the past few weeks, the behind the doors discussion
at many Iranian newspaper and magazine publishing outfits seems to be
revolving not around political, social and economic issues, but the
spelling of Bob Dole's name instead. It turns out that the proper spelling
of the Republican Party's likely nominee, Dole, is exactly the same as that
of the word penis in Persian. "At first it might seem funny to some
people, but it's creating a serious issue for us. How can we write
headlines using that word?," said Majid Fanni, a prepress specialist at a

Tehran service bureau.

Ali Zarkoob, a grade school teacher in Western Tehran said "I'm sure kids
will find it very funny. The humor magazines will probably go crazy over
it too." A columnist for Tehran's Hamshahri daily who requested to remain
anonymous stated "It's a real problem that no one wants to face. Think
about it. What should we write if he wins? 'Clinton loses Presidency'?
That's not right. 'Penis wins US Presidency' isn't exactly acceptable

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