A life?

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Subject: A life (?)

In article <4j71r0$bst@tribune.cris.com>,
Leigh Metcalf wrote:
>I've been told recently (well, not for the first time) to 'get a life'...
>But I'm a little hazy on this 'life' thing. What does one do with
>a life once one gets one?
>Do you hug it and love it and call it 'George'?
>Do you put it on the mantle for everyone to look at?
>Yeah, yeah, I know a sysadmin by definition has no life, but I was
>curious to see if any of you had any ideas... Since why should I get a
>life if there's nothing to do with it?

Well, a life is okay, but in order to deal with the wide range of stuff that ends up happening to you when you start to use it, and especially as you grow more experienced and have a better sense of what it is you're trying to do in general, you'll need to start using proclife, which lets you presort many of the crazy things you can get in a life.

Sadly, life doesn't seem to have a very reliable history scheme, so it's challenging when you have to keep doing the same thing over and over, and beyond that, there is no grep, no standard format, and what's worst, you can't hit the tab key and have it fill in the remainder of what you were just saying. Really kind of a drag. No find either, and asking things like "which" doesn't always return what you'd hope.

Depending on what kind of life you get, though, you might be able to get decent process accounting going, and in some cases logging is really quite detailed. Whether or not this is an advantage is left as an exercise to the reader.

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