Bill Gates is an alien??

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From: (Jeroen T. Vermeulen)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Re: Bill Gates who fell to earth conspiracy theory type thing

In article <42agkv$> (Maxwell Daymon) writes:
> Mike Noreen ( wrote:
> : Thusly Step spake unto All:
> : S> If alien landed and had to raise money to go back,
> : S> he would do what Bill Gates does.
> : S> And probably does.
> : I refuse to believe that alien technology is that poor.
> He certainly wouldn't sell REAL advanced technology. Just the failures
> and leftovers he remembers from his alien high school history textbooks.

AH! But BG sells failures and leftovers from our own high school history textbooks. Ever hear of CP/M?

This "Bill Gates is an alien" stuff has gone far enough. I say he's really into organized crime and discrimination. That's why he named his OS's after

Chicago -- The largest center of organized crime in history
Nashville -- Home of the Methodist church (who apparently dislike Jews & blacks)
Memphis -- The place where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated
Cairo -- City where they murdered Al Sadat, the man who made peace with the Jews

Hey, wait a minute! I may be on to something here...

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