A well thought out flame

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As you well know, flaming is a part of the Internet. And sometimes it
can be done well, as we see below.

Daryl F. Mallett (happycat@memalph.stat.com) wrote:
: I'm a newbie to the net, so please don't flame me, but I need help. How
: do you all manage to quote the previous message? Do you remember it,
: write it down ahead of time and retype it, or is there a way to capture
: these messages, dump them into, say, a .txt file (for later perusal at my
: leisure)? Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Usually your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides you with a special
piece of magnetically senstitized tracing paper which you hold up to your

screen, and then rub over the area you wish to quote with a special
polarized stylus.

Then, rub the tracing paper onto carbon paper and plain paper: there are
the words you wish to quote! You may then type them into QuoteMaster II,
the special Internet Software which will analyze them for Usenet
Acceptability, and also store them for future use. Often it will
translate your words into Standard Usenet Compression: "me, too!" is the
most popular.

Please feel free to ask for help if you have further questions. Do also
look at the newsgroup news.newusers.announce.

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