Natural Highs. Even if from a College Student's Perspective

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Rather obviously this came from a college student but, even so, it's got merit.

Falling in love. Having your 2:00 class cancelled on a beautiful day.

Laughing so hard your face hurts. Watching a child do something for
the first time after you taught them. A great idea. A scholarship.
A hot shower. No line at the book return. A hug. A special glance.

Acting in the theater. Tailgating on a warm Saturday. Clean sheets.

Getting mail. Walking your dog. Love. Listening to your walkman.
Falling asleep in the sun on a cool day. Taking a drive on a pretty
road. Hugging a big teddy bear. Playing miniature golf. Getting a

strike in bowling. Catching your soap on a Friday. Working on a
successful project with a good friend. The view from the top of a
snow-covered mountain. Going out to dinner. Getting an "A" on a
paper. Going out on a Saturday night, coming home sober and having
had a great time. Going dancing. Not getting carded. Listening to
loud music. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. Walking out
of your last final. Finding the sweater you want is on sale for half
price. A chocolate milkshake. Getting a good grade. Oreo ice cream.

Finding out there is no final in a hard class. Getting accepted to a
program abroad. A long distance phone call. Birthday cakes. Going
to the movies. Your favorite lunch. Getting invited to a dance.
Being a senior. Clean laundry. Not having an 8:00 class. A bubble
bath. Giggling. Holding someone you love in front of a fireplace.
Being in love. Whitewater rafting. A ski trip. Seeing someone you
love do something outstanding. A good conversation. Making the
winning score. Rollercoasters. Spring Break. A Saturday shopping
trip with a good friend. Being told you did an excellent job by your
peers. Going home for Thanksgiving break. Chocolate chip cookies. A
care package. Seeing the Grand Canyon. Sliding down a waterslide.
Taking a walk singing Christmas carols. Sledding during a fresh
snowfall. Hearing a song that reminds you of someone you love.
Running your best time. Watching a beautiful sunset. Hugging your
mom or dad. Being yourself. Holding a kitten. When your boss says
"Perfect". When your dog jumps around because he is happy to see you.

When a friend says "You're someone special." A clear day at the
beach. Pay day. An unexpected present. Knowing someone really
understands. A suprise visit from a friend. Seeing a shooting star.

Fresh flowers. A special smile. Finding quarters for your laundry.
Solving a problem. Eating. Laughing at yourself. Watching a candle
burn. Saying "I love you". Slam Dunk 360 degrees. Being the ACC
champs. Midnight phone calls that last for hours. Driving in the
rain. Walking in downtown Buenos Aires in the Spring. Sex on the
beach. Walking barefoot in the sand. snowboarding/skiing on a
beautiful day. Scoring a goal in a game. Dancing with someone
beautiful. Sleeping in the arms of someone that you love. Singing
cheesy songs with your friends. Marshmallows over campfires.
Crying in the rain. Camping in the mountains. Resting after hiking all
day. Hugging your daddy. Watching the sun rise over the river after
dancing all night. Taking off high heels. Walking barefoot on wet
grass. Running through the sprinklers. Building a fire on the beach
with your friends. Screaming at a fan-filled game of "futbol" ( the
real football). Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Having
someone tell you that you're beautiful. Getting all hot and sweaty
and then diving into a cold mountain lake. Sleeping naked in silk
sheets. Listening to the sound of waves crashing on a beach. Taking
off your ski boots after a day skiing. Knitting. Blowing bubbles.
Knowing that some very special people think that you are special
too. Catching a snowflake on your tongue. Screaming in the middle of a
field at the top of your lungs. Receiving a standing ovation.
Lemonade on a summer afternoon. Laughing at an inside joke. Falling
asleep with a purring cat next to your face. Pink and white clouds in
a sunny blue sky first thing in the morning. Friends. Unexpected
rainbows. Smiles. Falling in love for the first time. A hug after a
hard day. Slumber parties. Star gazing in warm weather. Pet-sitting
for a friend. Frolicking in the rain. Riding a galloping horse over fences.
Getting a dance that you've worked hard on, right in the performance.

Hiking pilot rock by moon light. Knowing you are loved.
Accidentally overhearing someone say something positive about you to their
friends. Landing on the runway,after a long flight homeward bound, and
knowing someone will be there to greet you. Getting to eat a real meal
after having survived on jam and bread while eurailing around Europe.

Going out on a weekend, getting smashed, and then either slam dancing, or
passing out inside a BayBank with a homeless man nearby. Watching the
sunrise and set in the same day in key west. kissing a friend. kissing a
stranger. crossing the finish line. Driving through the Utah desert
listening to "The Joshua Tree." Finding out that the 90210 you were
going to have to miss because you had too much work to do is a repeat. waking
up and realizing that you still have a few hours left to sleep. going on
retreats. midnight walks in the city. Dancing and singing in cold rain
with great friends at midnight. Wishing on a star and having the wish
come true. Having so many of these things remind you of your own friends.
Rowing on Lake Quonnipaug on a cool autumn day when the water is like
glass and the cormorants take off from the water, sending up a glistening
spray of water-diamonds with their wings. Picking dandelions and being a
Spaz. :-) Rampaging down North Carolina backroads in a sweet car!

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