Heaven as a software product

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An old engineer dies of a heart attack while trying to fix some nasty bugs in his

He goes to the Pearly Gates. God says "hmmm, it appears through the course of your
life that you haven't been particularly good, or particularly bad, just simply dull. I'm
going to give you a choice of going to Heaven or Hell. You can sneak a peak at each one,
and then choose. But once you've chosen, you must live with your choice for all of

The engineer considers this, and decides that this is obviously a great position to be
in and agrees. "I'd like to see heaven first" he says. In a blink he sees a very
blissful, calm, environment. Angels are floating in the air, and gentle relaxing harp
music can be heard. It looks incredibly peaceful and tranquil, yet very boring.

"O.K., now I'd like to see hell" he says. In a blink, our engineer finds himself in
the midst of a wild party that would make Hugh Hefner green with envy. Music from AC/DC

can be heard, the place is rocking, all the women are perfect 10s with tanned, well oiled
bodies... Smiling and beckoning our engineer to join the party. The engineer notices a
sensation in his lower half of his body that he hasn't sensed in nearly 30 years, or at
least since he started playing with computers... And finally a strange 'shhhwing' is
heard and felt.

"Okay, Okay," I've seen enough... This is where I want to stay!!" In a blink, he's at
the pearly gates again and God says, "Remember, this is a decision for the rest of

The engineering confidently says " This was the easiest choice I ever had to make".
God said "So be it". And in a blink, the engineer is surrounded by great fire and
brimstone, the heat is unbearable, and skinny guys are carting wheelbarrows of brick and
rock as the sweat drips. The engineer notices Satan at a podium, writing notes in a
ledger, and asks "Hey where's the party, women, and wine?"

Satan laughs and said "Oh, you saw our demo... this is what you'll be living

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