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Steven W. King wrote:
>[Craig Shergold's request to receive a large collection of business cards.]

Does David make money from Craig's stamps?

Important information about old chain letters!

More than five years ago, David Rhodes thought that he could make money fast with a pyramid scheme chain letter. In the meantime, he found out that this does not work (because our planet's population is not infinite) and that it is illegal in many countries.
However, a few silly people still distribute copies of his letter.

More than ten years ago, a little boy named Craig Shergold in a hospital thought that he would die soon and asked for a lot of greeting cards.
In the meantime, he was cured and left the hospital and has grown up to a young

However, a lot of silly people still send greeting cards to that hospital.

Now at last, David knows how to make money: :-)
He collects all letters addressed to Craig at that hospital, cuts out the stamps and sells them, and recycles the waste paper. He might be rich and happy, but he is not: He asked Kibo for help, and Canter and Siegel for legal advice, and on April 1st he met an adventist who predicted the imminent death of the net for 11 o'clock on that very day...

PLEASE, kids and adults, do not believe everything you read on the net, and use your brain!

For those who want to exercise their brain with some mathematics:
= MONEY (Replace each letter with a digit...)

P.S.: I will not answer any questions about this puzzle!

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