The Difference Between Men And Women

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Subject: Re: La Difference

>An interesting note: male scientists at one time argued that men had the
>potential to be more intelligent than women because on average their brains
>were about 10% larger. Last month, a study was published that (without
>getting into the boring details) conclusively proved that women had just as
>many neurons, and just as many neural connections, as men did. How is that
>possible given that their brains are smaller? Turns out that a woman's brain
>is actually constructed in a more efficient manner, meaning that less
>'structural' material is required. So the 'lost 10%' is actually the waste
>space saved by the more efficient model.

>The more efficient in, men have Brain 1.0 and women have Brain 1.1
>- the new and improved version. Leads to some rather interesting lines of
>thought, doesn't it? ;-)



You mean there's no upgrade path.? What a con. I want a refund. Ah, but wait a minute, this is hardware, or at least squishyware[tm], no upgrades.

So, are women's brains RISC brains? It certainly explains all the compatibility problems between v1.0 & 1.1 (10^8 pts. !!)

I hear that v1.1 can't handle baseball stats very well, much in the same way that v1.0 doesn't recognize 'Totally lost. Refer to Map error - L112b4'. Maybe some smart Genetic Engineer can come up with a patch to sort out the compatibility issues. But let's face it, both versions are still as buggy as hell.

I'm in a silly mood tonight, and I know who's to blame.

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