Car Insurance for Software Engineers

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> Last year, my insurance brokers thought they'd found me some cheaper car
> insurance, until they saw that computer consultants are on the blacklist of
> people who aren't covered for "business use by the policyholder". Anybody
> know why? After all, we're such calm, careful people, aren't we ... ?
I believe it has to do with a combination of factors including all, or any,
of the following:-


  • attempting to re-program the engine management system
  • dandruff getting in the eyes whilst driving
  • untrimmed beard hair flying into the eyes whilst cornering
  • failure to understand that a car is wider than a bike
  • inability to concentrate for more than a nano-second
  • refusal to believe that any road signs could possibly apply to them
  • the car is hardware and not their responsibility to maintain
  • attempting parallel processing by driving/using phone/reading map etc
  • 'I didn't have any input to the Highway Code so it must be wrong'
  • drinking and driving - and spilling the beer as a result
  • anti-social work patterns making anti-social drivers
  • 'This car is not what I specified so I changed it'
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