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The Beer Test:

A guy walks into a bar. There's a big sign which says, "Free beer
for life to first person who can pass the test!"

"What test?" the guys asks.

"Well ya' see," the bartender replies, "there's a tradition that the
first guy who can pass the three challenges gets free beer for life.
But, no one's ever done it. First, there's a gallon of pepper
tequila, and you have to drink the whole thing at once, AND you can't
make a face while doing it. If that doesn't kill you, then there's
an alligator out back with a sore tooth, and you need to go out there
and remove it with your bare hands. Finally, there's a woman
upstairs who's never had an orgasm. You need to make things right
for her."

"Yeah, well thanks but no," the guy responds, "That sounds crazy.
I mean what kind of idiot would drink that much pepper tequila, and
it gets crazier from there."

But, as often happens in bars, the man drinks a few beers. And in
the fullness of time, what used to sound crazy now seems like a real
good idea.

"Shhwears zat Pepper Tekeela?" he urps.

First he grabs a hold of the bottle of pepper tequila with both
hands, and knocks it back in big slurp with tears streaming down his
face. Next, he staggers out the back door. And soon, all inside
hear the most frightful roaring and thumping. Then silence. The man
staggers back into the bar... his shirt's all ripped up and his body
has big scratches.

He yells out, "Now where's that woman with the sore tooth?"

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