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A shy young man started a new job with a firm of accountants, but
being a quiet, reclusive type of person, he found it extremely
difficult to mix with anyone else at the office, and instead spent
almost all of his time working alone.

One of the girls in the office thought he was kind of cute, and one
day when she came into the office and saw him sitting on his own, she
thought he looked so sad and lonely that she felt as if she just had
to try to cheer him up a bit.

Anyway, as she persevered over the next few days, he reluctantly began
to open up to her a little bit, and they both found that they really
liked one another and got along well together, and by the end of the
week she had offered to give him a ride home in her car.

As they walked over to her estate car at the end of the day, he
announced to her that it was his 21st birthday, and she immediately
insisted that they stop off at a pub for a quiet drink on the way

Pulling over at a quiet pub, they went inside and ordered a couple of
drinks. As they sat down together at a private table, he confessed
that this was the first time he'd ever been inside a pub or had an
alcoholic drink.

He then started pouring his heart out to her, telling her that not
only did his shyness prevent him from having any friends, but that he
was also completely innocent where girls were concerned too,
explaining that not only was he a virgin, but he didn't even have any
knowledge at all about sex (he'd been excluded from sex education
classes at school) and had never even seen a topless photo of a woman.
In fact, his own mother hadn't even kissed or cuddled him as a

By this time, he was so upset that he was on the verge of crying, and
she immediately took him into her arms and gave him a kiss and a big,
reassuring cuddle.

As they sat hugging one another, their kisses slowly became more and
more passionate, and it wasn't long before they began fondling one
another... Noticing the disapproving looks from the bartender, the
girl suggested that they continue this in the back of her estate car.

Barely able to keep their hands off one another, they rushed outside
and jumped into the back of her car. Fumbling with one anothers
clothes, he'd just pulled her skirt up and eased himself inside her
when suddenly there was a knock on the side of the car. It was a

"Oi, what do you think you're doing?" scowled the policeman.

"Er," the boy replied, trying to zip himself up again. "I didn't know
what I was getting myself into..."

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