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Pshift(1) manpage:


pshift - paradigm shift utility

pshift [-zzeitgeist] [-rragelev] [-v] [-c] [-wn] [+|-n]

The pshift operator performs a paradigm shift on its input stream
within the context of the current or specified zeitgeist.

-z Specify the zeitgeist context. May be specified here
or from the environment variable $ZEITGEIST.

Supported values of zeitgeist are judeo_christian
(default), postcommunist, new_age, and

-r Specify rage level. Acceptable values of ragelev are
ennui (default), deep_seated, and consuming.

-v Set to verbose mode. Normally pshift operates silently;
in verbose mode it publishes a 500+ page bestseller
entitled "Rethinking [input stream] in the [zeitgeist]
Age", and then begins soliciting honoraria until the
operator types ctrl-c. On some systems it runs for

-c Set to collective IO. Normally pshift takes its input
from stdin and outputs to stdout; in collective mode it
takes its input from the Collective Unconscious and
writes to the Body Politic.

-wn Specify first, second, third or fourth wave. Acceptable
values for n are 0,1,2 or 3, with 2 (third wave) being the

[On Sun systems, the logical waves are 0,3,2,1, which map
to physical waves 0,1,2,3; see Sun Technical Manual for

+|-n Specifies the number of times to prepend 'post' to the
zeitgeist context, if positive, or 'pre' if negative.
The default is 11.


source $DEITY | pshift -zpostcommunist -rdeep_seated -v +1

On most systems, the above command will output a hardcover volume
called "Rethinking God in the Post-Postcommunist Era", in which
the irrelevence of erstwhile religious concepts is seen to have
triggered a global, deep-seated rage vis-a-vis traditional
sociopolitical norms leading to a premature breakdown of emerging
postsoviet infrastructure.

pshift -znew_age -rennui

The above command produces no output, but privately processes a
vague discontent which it will share if its space is honored. May
be redirected to /dev/null.

pshift -c -w3 -1

Taking its input from the collective unconscious, the above
command rejects the failed socioeconomic policies of the last
thirty years and replaces them with a futurist, fourth wave
polemic of traditional values, the two-parent family, and the
supremacy of the private sector that was the foundation of
the American utopia of the 1950s. Use a prepend value of -2
to restore the American utopia of the early Industrial Age,
a value of -3 to restore the European utopia of the
Enlightenment, -4 for catholic hegemony, etc.
(note: Requires grass root permission. In verbose mode, it may
also require a $4 million advance.)


You must have root permission to use consuming rage.

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